Android Head Unit Installation – Section 3

Disclaimer:  I am describing the process by which I replaced my OEM stereo head unit with an Android head unit in its place.  I do not imply that this process will work for you.  You are responsible for your actions and any damage that may happen to your car, its radio, or its systems is entirely your responsibility and not mine.  I do not represent nor should it be construed that I endorse any of the merchants, vendors, or companies whose products are referenced within these instructions.  I am giving the links to various entities because they are where I found the items I needed to complete this project.  You are free to go to any supplier/vendor of your choosing.  I recommend that you have a professional installer do the work unless you have sufficient knowledge to do your installation.

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Section 3 – Connecting the cable to the AHU

Part D – Connecting the AHU to the wires going to the trunk.

  1. Remove the 2 Torx screws holding the AHU in place and gently remove it out of the console.
  2. Connect the radio antenna portion of the cable to the AHU.  It should plug right into the back with no troubles and just as a ‘normal’ radio antenna cable would.
  3. Install the Fakra to SMA (or GPS-type connector) adapter to the GPS connector on the AHU.
  4. Connect the Fakra to SMA (or GPS-type connector) adapter to the GPS portion of the cable.
  5. If you ran the rearview camera extension cable, then connect the yellow RCA plug to the BACK VIDEO IN wire on the AHU’s wiring harness.  Sometimes this extension cable comes with a red wire, I do not recommend you connect it to the AHU at this time unless you are currently installing a rearview camera.  That wire has the potential to feed 12 volts through it and unless your backup camera requires it for power, it’s one less thing to go wrong if it’s not connected.
  6. Turn on the ignition (no need to start the car, just all the accessories).  The radio portion of the AHU should now get a much better reception. Check to make sure that the AHU now sees all the GPS satellites it needs to operate.  You may need to start and move your car into an area that the overhead is clear in order to get a GPS signal.
  7. Depending on if you are or aren’t planning on using any other portion of your AHU wiring harnesses (like the USB, Video-out, etc), now is the time to get it done and run the wires to where you want.  Think about how you are going to get your phone to hook up to your AHU whether it is using Carplay or a wifi hotspot.  That is up to you.
  8. Reinstall the AHU into the dash.  Start with the upper Torx screws, but leave them a little bit loose, then install the lower Torx screws.  Once everything lines up, tighten all 4 of them.
  9. Reinstall the trim piece that goes directly above the AHU.
  10. Reinstall the HVAC unit.
  11. Reinstall the ashtray in a reverse manner that you removed it.  (See Steps 2 through 5 of Section 1, Part A)
  12. Enjoy your Android radio.  I enjoy mine.

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