1972 Triumph GT-6 Mk III

This is my first Triumph. I purchased it on September 26th 1997. It was thanks to my ownership of my 73 MG B GT that I discovered the existence of the GT6 line from Triumph. It is a different kind of car, a little bit more modest in looks that its convertible counterpart. This car is still undergoing some restoration. I do not claim to be an expert at it, but I hope my success with the Triumph comes close to the one I have had with the MG. It is licensed as a Historical Vehicle rather than a daily driving vehicle. Since parts are harder to come by for this car, I’m going to try to keep from wearing out too many of them.
  • 10 Oct 97: Fixed the read deck damage and the rust holes in the rear lid. Sometime in the next week I’ll fix the wheel arches. Then I’ll tackle the inside floor boards.
  • 12 Oct 97: Replaced choke cable.
  • 13 Mar 98: Whoa!!! Man, dating will crimp on time spent on cars. Things are back to normal, gonna start ordering parts.
  • 03 Apr 98: Bolted on a new Monza exhaust system. It is nice to know that I will no longer be breathing fumes from the holes directly under the cabin area.
  • 24 Apr 98: Debugged the electrical wiring. I had discovered that the wiring wasn’t plugged in anywhere in the dash and most of the connections had been either spliced or somehow mutilated by a previous owner. Spent 13 hours on the project, but I now know that the wiring is safe and can be relied on. Also discovered that the alternator (one for a TR6) was shot. I’ll put it off till next week.
  • 26 Apr 98: Rebuilt the brake master cylinder, it was leaking like a sieve. No wonder the brakes didn’t work. Now they do.
  • 01 May 98: Converted the alternator to a GM. More Amps & Cheaper. Easy to do, just had to crimp and solder new ends on the wires and they plugged/bolted right on. I also converted the ignition to a Crane XR700 electronic system. It’s simply more reliable.
  • April 2002: Unhappy with the rebuild, starting over. A friend of mine Jeff is going to do the bodywork for me. The engine & drivetrain need no help, they’re in excellent condition.

Towed in condition:


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