1973 MGB GT

A Brief History of my addiction to the line of MGs: The first MG, I ever owned was a 1970 MG Midget. My parents bought it for me as my first car in 1983. After several years of ownership, I finally sold it. I’ve regretted it every day since. In 1994, my old high school principal offered to sell me his 1973 MG B GT. It had not been running since at least early 1992 and had been parked outside under a car cover. Needless to say, it was an interesting offer, but I was financially stretched and unsure of my skills in restoration. After a year of haggling over a car that didn’t run and had quite a few mechanical & physical problems with it, he finally agreed to sell it to me in payments. He promptly towed it over to my house in order for his wife to make peace with him in July of 1995. After almost a year of rebuilding and some bodywork, the car was again licensed on June 1st 1996. The car was again a daily driver. In September of 1996, the GT was painted to its current colour, a beautiful Victory Red. Although not the factory colour or a factory colour, it was so painted to my personal liking. Adding a CD player, a power antenna, front spoiler, and driving lights similar to those mounted on what I found to resemble a European if not British styling, I’m still not completely finished with the GT, but I will be soon. The car brings a lot of looks to it, and I am quite proud to be its owner. The GT was an MG B model that I had not really known even existed prior to my being exposed to this GT. It is a model that intrigues me and has introduced me to the existence of the Triumph Spitfire version: the Triumph GT6.

One of the few existing pictures before the final touches & painting:

The following pictures were taken about a month after painting:

Safety Fast

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