My Thoughts

I write these notes to make people think. They may be political, they may not be. Some may deal with common sense issues, some may be personal crusades. Some may even be the results of assignments I had for a class at one time.

Whether you agree with me or not is your right. If you choose to comment on them, please do so. I like reading and trying to understand how people think. I only ask that you don’t be rude or use derogatory language. Any language I use is not meant to be derogatory but is used to simply get to the point. I personally believe that anyone telling me to be ‘politically correct’ is simply trying to enforce censorship upon me. But I will not deliberately attack someone on a personal level.

They will all have ‘Think About It’ in the Title. I simply want people to think about what is going on in our world. Your comments and thoughts will be appreciated and read. I challenge you to try to make me think even more about these issues. I also remind you that I do moderate the comments. It is my intention for these discussions to be civil and informational. No personal attacks.

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