About ddt.com

DDT Archives BBS operated from late 1990 through 2000. As its sysop/sysadmin, I went by the screen name of Guardian. DDT stood for David’s Desktop Technologies. The system ran on a Novell network using 1 server & 2 slave machines.  It ran on 2 phone lines with USRobotics Courier DST 56k modems, using Frontdoor, PCBoard 14.5, WWIV 4.24, & Waffle 1.64. At the height of its day, there were approximately 150 registered regular users and approximately another 250 intermittent users who used its email capabilities to the internet and through other networks such as WWIVnet, WWIVlink, ICEnet, Fidonet, and several other minor networks. It served as a gateway between WWIVnet & WWIVlink to the internet using software written by its sysop. All of its hardware and software were preserved when it was shut down and placed in storage.

DDT Archives BBS held the following network addresses in its day:

  • 16471 – WWIVLink
  • 6471 – WWIVnet/IceNET/RockNET/TardisNet/TerraNet/ChaosNet/KilNet/Apex
  • 6588 – AthensCo
  • 103 – OhioNet
  • 23 – EMailNet
  • ?? – Fidonet
  • ddt-archives.athens.oh.us – usenet

Please note that some of the networks’ addresses changed when the area code changed from 614 to 740.


This domain is still in use by its owner for email and other support services. It is not for sale.

Any inquiries about purchasing this domain name will result in your email address and possibly your domain name as well as being marked as a SPAMMER.

Sorry for being so blunt, but it is irritating how many people don’t even bother to see if a domain is in use before asking.

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