My Likes


  • Mozilla’s Firefox – Web Browser
  • Mozilla’s Thunderbird – Email Client
  • WordPress – Blogging Program


  • TED Talks – TED is a site consisting of quick presentations of ideas.  Some of these ideas may be far-fetched, but most of them are worth listening to.  Some are teaching and others are explanations of what is happening in the world.  Definitely entertaining & educational.
  • The Internet Movie Database – Can’t remember what actor was in what movie or vice-versa?  This site will give you so much information about the who, what, when, where, and huh about almost every movie.

Car Part Vendors

Jaguar Parts Specialists – 1-800-875-5247
Moss Motors – 1-800-667-7872
SpitBits – 1-800-201-0494
Parts Place inc. – 1-248-373-2300 – 1-877-4GERMAN (1-877-443-7626)

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