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David Wm Wrage

PO Box 345 Athens, Ohio 45701


I am a dual-national: French & American (USA). As such, I am able to work in both the USA, France, and any other country that is part of the European Union without the need for a work visa (in most cases). I am very familiar with France due to having spent much time there with the French side of my family and also having gone to school there. I have also studied and traveled in Germany & Austria and maintain ties to friends there. Although up until today I have been more familiar with my French roots (mom’s side), I do want to get to know my American roots (dad’s side) too.

I have a cat.  I own way too many cars, but they are my hobby and rarely are more than any 2  or 3 of them road-worthy at any given time.

I completed my MLIS at Kent State University in May of 2011. I have an affinity for cataloging and have taken additional classes beyond the minimum required hours.

Having grown up in Athens, Ohio, I am quite fond of southeastern Ohio and its laid-back charm. I still hope to find work in a library in the area which will allow me to continue living here. It is not mandatory that I remain here, just hoping to. But right now, working within the oil & gas industry doing land title work is keeping me busy and alive.



Thanks to my parents’ work with Ohio University’s Study Abroad Program, I was able to study in various parts of the French school system throughout my adolescent years. In July of 1978, I spent several weeks in Hanover, Germany (At that time, West Germany) studying German at an early age. During my high school years, I took part in the Summer Scholar Program at Ohio University, during which I was able to take and receive credit for college courses during the Summer of 1983. In the Spring of 1985, I participated in the French study abroad program in Tours, France. During the Spring of 1987, I was able to study in the Austrian study abroad program in Salzburg, Austria.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • French
  • German

Work History:

Contract Land Staff, Sugar Land, Texas – Senior Land Agent – March 2021 – Working as a remote employee researching property ownerships and creating right-of-way easements.

Halo Land Management, Canton, Ohio – Landman – August 2019 – Worked as an Independent Contractor for them out of their home office doing full title work and also updating existing title work in multiple northeastern Ohio counties.  Furloughed mid-April 2020 due to reduction in the workforce caused by the pandemic.

OEC Energy Partners LLC, Addison, Texas – Title Agent/Landman – August 2011 – Worked as an Independent Contractor for them out of their Appalachia office doing certified title, due diligence, curative, special projects, and other title-related work. Worked as a team lead or crew chief in all of the counties I’ve worked in. I have worked in multiple eastern Ohio counties and a few counties in West Virginia.  Here’s the county breakdown for Ohio: Portage, Belmont, Harrison, Columbiana, Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Noble, Washington (almost a full year), and  Monroe (almost a full 5 years); and for West Virginia: Hancock, Harrison, and Marshall. Worked with this company and its predecessors in name from the beginning of its Ohio operation during the summer of 2011 up until it wrapped up and ceased operations in northeastern Ohio in late May of 2019.

Meigs County District Public Library, Pomeroy, Ohio – Volunteer – March 2011 – Donated time whenever I could to help out the library district that gave me the opportunity to complete my internship/practicum requirements for my MLIS degree. During my practicum (January & February 2011), I cataloged various materials and worked independently on cataloging various websites that may be of interest to their patrons. Unfortunately, with my current employment since August of 2011, I have been unable to continue donating time because of where my work takes me.

ICF Building Products, Millfield, Ohio – Laborer – March 2008 – Worked on the construction of high-capacity water storage systems in Ohio and West Virginia.

Richland Auto Parts, Athens, Ohio – Counterman (Salesperson) – August 2003 – Sold various car parts to local shops & individuals. Eventually was placed in charge of the daily order receiving and regular inventory work.

Ohio Valley Trading & Exchange, Athens, Ohio – August 1993 – Worked as a sales clerk, computer tech, & eventually became the assistant manager of a local business. I was eventually put in charge of upgrading the computer systems in the company throughout all their stores which was the original reason for my hiring.

C & E Hardware, Athens, Ohio – Cashier, Salesman, Data Entry – December 1989 – Hired as a cashier & later given responsibilities in stocking certain areas of the store. Took care of the weekly order submission and receiving. I was also responsible for moving the computer operations & network from one locale to another.

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio – Student Programming Advisor, Alden ISL – July 1987 – Assisted fellow students with programming questions and in the use of a variety of software packages offered on various computer platforms (Apple II, Macintosh, IBM PC & compatibles). This was a student job offered through P.A.C.E.

I also occasionally consult in the installation and the use of various software packages within the local community. I have taught and continue to assist many retired professors on how to use the web, update their computers, and otherwise make their co-existence with modern computer tools more friendly. I soon hope to expand into helping local businesses in developing and/or maintaining web-pages for their products.


Professional Memberships:

  • ALA – American Library Association (link)
  • AAPL – American Association of Professional Landmen (link)
  • NALA – Northern Appalachian Landman’s Association (link)


  • British Cars – MG, Triumph, & Jaguar
  • German Cars – Volkswagen, Mercedes, & Porsche
  • Reading Books
  • Computers
  • Travel in Europe
  • French Impressionist Painting, especially Monet, Degas, & Cezanne
  • Romanesque, Gothic, & Renaissance Architecture, in particular as it relates to France

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